Natural and mathemtical faculty

Physics and Mathematics faculty has begun biography from 1934 and it is the oldest one in pedagogical institute. From 1941 faculty has involved to preparation teachers of mathematics, from 1946 teachers of mathematics and physics, form 1996 teachers of mathematics, physics and computer science. Since 1952, faculty provides learning on Kazakh and Russian languages.

In the fall of 1934 on the basis of Semipalatinsk evening pedagogical institute was organized East Kazakhstan pedagogical institute that contains 4 department of chemical and biological offices with the contingent in 30 people. Geographers at that time were trained at the economic department. In 1937 faculty of natural science on the basis of teachers training institute has became part of pedagogical institute in the form of two departments – biology and chemistry.

In different years the faculty was headed by highly professional experts, associate professors Kirillov G.I., Kacheev M.G., Amanov T.I., Chervyakov Ye.P.,Yunusov A.A., Yesenzholov Ye.P., Izmailov A.L.

The noticeable contribution to formation and development of faculty was brought by teachers as A.A. Kurochkin, N.N. Fedenev, L.L. Kropotov, V.G. Pevniy, A.O. Kiselev, A.B. Dukenbayev, B.A Yakimov, V.S. Tikhomirov, T.K. Sinicina, G.P. Chernisheva, M.K. Yestekbayev, M.N. Makasheva, K.N. Nursultanov, Zh.A Aitov, Ya.I.Zalcman, A.A.Akhmetzhanov, S.R. Rakhmetzhanov, I.N. Alekseev, K.M. Nakishbekova, B.A. Ambremski, I.M. Rakhimberdinova, B.Zh.  Zhumageldin, S.Sh. Kozhegeldinov, Z.V. Tikhomirova, Z.O. Tokzhigitova, L.I. Kalakin, S.S. Mausimbayev, M.B. Makambayev, O.M. Zholymbayev, B.A. Mukyshev, I.S. Musatayeva, A.A. Abishova, R.R. Abdrakhmanova and others.

Educational process, research works are carried out by departments of mathematics and a technique of teaching mathematics, departments of physics, departments of  computer science and information technologies. Each department has own branches on the basis of schools for providing approbation of methodical research of teachers and course works and diploma works of students     .

With goal of creation close connection with various scientific centers of country department of physics and computer science have opened branch in national nuclear centre of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Exponent of teachers on the faculty is 45%, among them 3 doctors of sciences, 15

candidate of sciences and associate professors. By the results of National rating in 2012 the specialty 5В010900 «Mathematics» took 3rd place among the higher education institutions of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

At faculty annually held the T.I. Amanov Olympic Games. In this year was held the international conference devoted to the 90th anniversary of T.I. Amanov.

In 2002, 2006, 2008, 2010, 2011 years the Physics and Mathematics faculty became the faculty of year by scientific, training, educational work at the institute.

The XXI century is considered an information age. So, graduates of Physics and Mathematics faculty get education in according with modern requirements.