Agrarian faculty

Currently, the development of agro-industrial complex – one of the priorities in the economic policy of the country. In connection with this to solve important problems of the agricultural sector should be involved in the industry for talented, enthusiastic, creative, able to work effectively in a constantly changing market conditions graduates.

One of the high schools of Kazakhstan engaged in the training of specialists for agriculture is the Agricultural Department of the State University naShakarim Semey.

The main tasks of the faculty is – training of highly qualified personnel holding diplomas corresponding to the ranking of world education and scientific thought in the introduction of new technologies in the educational process, improve the system of internal evaluation of the quality of educational services, to ensure the integration of education, science and industry through innovative technology.

The faculty consists of 5 departments, 10 research laboratories, and greenhouses.

– Dept. of Veterinary Medicine

– Department of Veterinary Public Health

– Department of Animal Husbandry and management with the basis of morphology

– Department of Agro technology and forest resources

– Department of Ecology and Environmental Protection.


– A laboratory for the development and production of veterinary diagnostic products – leader Baygazanov A.N, Associate Professor;

– A laboratory for evaluation of feed quality – leader Iglikov O.D, Associate Professor;

center of plant-breeding-tribal work with agricultural animals – leader Kojebeav B.G, Associate Professor

– laboratory on examination of quality of seed – leader Anuarbekova A ., masters degree

– a laboratory is the “Soil analysis лаборатория «Почвенный анализ» – leader Sagindikov S; teacher;

– laboratory of biochemical blood of agricultural animals test – leader Toikina G.N. ass. professor;

– Veterinary center with veterinary laboratory – leader Zaikovskaya O.N, Associate Professor;

– laboratory of speed-up reproduction with the use of innovative technologies – leader Muhamadieva N.N associate professor;

– biogeochemical laboratory – leader Polivkina E.N, Ph.D., Associate Professor.

– laboratory on growing of valuable vanishing types of – leader Cikalov K. masters degree

– center of enterprise through an university – leader Tusupov S.D., Associate Professor;

– laboratory of ветеринарно-санитарной examination – leader Serikova A.T. ass. professor;

– laboratory of analysis of genomes – leader Kengebaeva T.., masters degree;

-it is a laboratory of parasitology – leader Ahmetganov O., Associate Professor

The faculty: a unique x-ray room for animals, animal house, greenhouse, anatomical museum.

Today Agrarian faculty teach students to 7 bachelor, 2 special function of higher education and 6 master specialties


5B060700 – Biology. Bachelor of Biology.

5B060800 – Ecology. Bachelor of Ecology.

5B073100 – Life safety and environmental protection.

5B080100 – Agronomy. Bachelor.

5B080200 – livestock products (animal husbandry).

5B080300 – Hunting and farming.

5B080700 – Forests and forestry.


5B120100 – Veterinary Medicine. Qualification-veterinarian.

5B120200 – Veterinary Sanitation. Qualification-veterinary-sanitary doctor.


MSc (academic degree): 6M060700 – biology. Master of Biology;

6M060800 – ecology. Master of Ecology;

6M080100 – agronomy. Master of Agronomy;

6M120100 – veterinary medicine. Master of Veterinary Medicine;

6M120200 – Veterinary Sanitation. Master of Veterinary Public Health;

6M080200 – livestock products (animal husbandry).

For the development of relations with international universities and the participation of the teaching staff of the Faculty in exchange programs established cooperation Agrarian University of Russia, the United States of America, England, Turkey, Germany ,Czech Republic,Bulgary and Poland.

Over the past three years at the Agricultural Faculty visited:

Sarbasov Dos, University of Texas, Dr. PhD, USA

Neil Dyer, Dr. PhD, North Dakota State University, USA

Travis and Roberday Meddoki, Dr. PhD, Global Dakota, North Dakota State University, USA

Charlie Stoltnou, MD PhD, North Dakota State University, USA

Omarbekov J. E., University of Houston, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, USA

St. Michael S., University of “Brighton”, Dr. PhD, England

Yuldashbaev YA, doctor of agricultural sciences, professor RGAU ICCA im.K.A. Timiryazeva Russia

Mir Muddasir Gofhar, Manav Bharti, Dr. PhD, India ,Lozovicka Bozhena- PhD chemical science,Pf Institute of Plants Protection(Poland),Christina Yancheva- Pf, tector Agrarian University(Bulgary)


IMG_2840 IMG_2872

From 2006 to 2012 the State grant of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan “Best University Teacher” are:

in 2006 and in 2010 – Doctor of Veterinary Science, Professor Marat Iskakov Mukabekovich

2006 – Doctor of Veterinary Science, Professor Kozhanov Keneskhan Nurgalievich

2006 – Doctor of Biology, Professor Arynova Raihan Ahmetovna

2006 – Doctor of Veterinary Science, Professor Zhumadina Sholpan Moldazhanovna

in 2012 – Doctor of Biology, Professor Sataeva Alia Rivkatovna

in 2012 – Doctor of Veterinary Science, Professor Dyusembaev Sergazy Turlybekovich

 Educator work

In the formation of civil society and the rule of law is the task of school education is fundamentally new, democratic type of personality, ability to innovate, to manage their own life and work, public affairs, ready to rely on their own strength, hard to ensure its financial independence.

Educational work at the Faculty focuses on the cultural, professional, spiritual and moral development of students, which is carried out in the following areas: patriotic education, family education, spiritual and moral education, education policy and legal culture, multicultural education, labor education, intelligence.

Deans Office, the Department faculty work closely with students, fully complying with the work plan, conduct educational talks in the group form on various topical issues:

-attendance and academic performance

-about the dangers of alcohol, smoking, and drug use

-personal hygiene and healthy lifestyles

-about the rules of the safety of emergency

-on civic awareness and tolerance

-of the Internal Rules of the university

Active participation of students: student Bolatbekova Dinara, Tolendinova Zhanbota, Muratov Burhan entered the “Book of Honor” among students standouts Dosmagambеtova Akerke, Ahmet Moldir marked with letters of thanks to the rector of the “Gathering of the standouts” for excellent training.